Home Additions Instead of Moving to a Larger Home

Is there an alternative to moving? If you are considering moving because your family is growing or you find that the squarefoot of your current house doesn’t provide you the space you wanted for a workshop or for your gym workout equipment, there are solutions that might actually save you money. If you consider the value of your neighborhood and the time you have invested in your current home, maybe an addition is the right answer.

In many circumstances, there are opportunities to expand your home’s footprint into the backyard or vertically to include a second floor. This would permit you to stay in the neighbourhood where you have made friends over the years and increase the value of your home. Building and additional room and providing a separate access to it could even provide rental income and allow you to pay off the mortgage faster.

Walls can come down. Spaces can be opened up to allow more air flow and light and make a dramatic effect to the attractiveness of your home. Your contractor will work with you to determine whether or not your new design is possible and where it can best be approached from. Considerations of load bearing walls, placement of air ducts and electrical consideration all have to be worked out prior by the contractor and or architect. Additional building permits will have to be acquired prior to construction as well from the local municipality. Even the height of your house may have to be looked at before it is approved. It’s best to get proper direction from your contractor or designer on these matters.

When the construction of your home additions begins, you want your contractor to have a good strategy and experience over the myriad of requirements that come up to ensure you a timely delivery of your addition with minimal impact on your everyday living.

Work with Caledon Additions and Restoration corp to oversee your home addition and get exceptional advice, experience and quality of work.

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