Giving You The Garage You Always Wanted

Whether you are a car aficionado or just wanting to keep your car out of the extreme weather, garage organization can play a major role in your life. More often than not, our garage becomes a place to store the garbage cans, hang up the kids’ bikes and store the camping equipment that we don’t have room for in our basements. Like any other room in our house, this room can have an important role on how we structure our household but often becomes a storeroom for the extraneous.

Obviously if there was a structural need that needed to be addressed, some level of renovation to this space should be considered. Renovating your garage can not only improve your storage solutions but can also increase the resale value of your house.

Consideration of a Garage Renovation

Cabinet solutions should be a large part of your investment. After all, this is the best way to get your tools and other materials off of the floor clearing off your walkways and it permits you further organize materials based on their function and your usage. Place rarely used items towards the back of the cupboard and store your often used tools and automotive supplies near the front permitting you to find them quickly and easily without having to empty the entire cupboard

Lighting has to be a consideration. Rarely are garages lit properly to allow for any kind of meaningful car repair. That’s why you still see people fixing their car on their driveways. Your bulb selection on these lights should also be considered. Tungsten bulbs typically have the shortage lifespan due to the cold spells your garage can experience if you are in the northern hemisphere. Fluorescents are cheaper but often don’t provide the same kind of focused intensity that we want sometimes and also now pose disposal issues as they are not considered environmentally friendly. LEDs are gaining popularity, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, don’t have the same fragility as Tungsten and have a very low operating costs,

Heating a garage is up for debate based on your frequency of its use and whether or not your garage door is insulated. Fortunately most garage doors are now insulated. If you are tuning your automobile or engaged with an engine rebuild or a long term body rebuild, then your workplace has to be a comfortable temperature to work in. Overhead heaters can be easily incorporated by your contractor based on their fuel source. Most easily to install are electric heaters but likely come with a higher energy bill. Propane and kerosene can also be investigated but do require a better airflow to limit the exposure to carbon monoxide. Ceiling options should be discussed with your garage renovation contractor to decide the best option to address your heating needs, lighting and airflow.

Flooring solutions can be as simple as working with the existing concrete pad. However in many cases improper ground preparation by the home’s original builder can cause the floor to crack or become uneven. In many cases it is better to pour a new pad once the old one has been removed. At this stage you can discuss and utilize concrete sealers that make the concrete impervious or resistant to oil, gasoline and other chemical spills. Non slip services can also be applied at this time lowering the potential of falls and injuries. Ther are many proprietary solutions available on the market

Security is a matter to discuss with all parties as you have not only your vehicle but now all of your tools within your garage space. Hand held tools are some of the most often stolen items from garages. You could investigate the use of security cameras to monitor your man cave but security all starts with good quality doors and locks. While most garage door openers provide entry code access, don;t forget that access door at the rear of the garage or leading to the side of the house and any windows that exist.This point of access also has to be made secure.

Preparing your garage properly with attention paid to the building considerations can change the utilization of this space and change it from a simple place to store the lawn mower and bikes to a space that meets any level of car care you want to be engaged with. Let Caledon Additions and Renovations help you plan and build your new garage.

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